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Search Engine Optimization Training Chennai

Search engine optimization is the method of promoting the quality of visits to a website in search engine. This SEO technique will increase both your website’s position and site visitors through the organic or natural search results which can be learned through our advanced SEO Training Chennai.

Become SEO Analyst in 2 Weeks with advanced SEO Training in Chennai. Learn SEO Internet Basics, Keyword Planner, Webmasters, Competitor Analysis, Industry Research, Analytics, Onpage, Offpage Optimization, Advanced Training. Learn Digital Marketing from Chennai’s top Institute with 100% Placement Support. In-depth Learning, Experienced Instructors & Real-time Project. Apply Now!

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  • Google Adsense Course Details
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Get Free Online Course For 1 Day:

Learn to run a successful SEO Services and identify quick wins that will help your website to rank higher & increase your traffic from search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing.

The course is ideal for beginners, or those looking to brush up on their skills and keep the right side of the latest Google webmaster guidelines.

The greater part of our SEO Training Chennai classes are custom fitted to those going to improve your SEO activity. We don't put stock in remaining at the front of a room and lecturing. Rather, we jump at the chance to utilize live sites to work with you to make methodologies and learn in a hurry.

Reveal the secret of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & SEO Training. Amid this one-day SEO instructional class you will comprehend what SEO is, the manner by which web indexes like Google work, how they read and comprehend content. Enhance yourself with a nitty-gritty comprehension of how Google measures quality and what you have to do to start building significant natural site activity.

Advanced SEO Training Certification

  • 100% Guaranteed Placement Support After Course till you get Job
  • Real Time and Practical Training Classes
  • 8+ Years Experience SEO Trainer's
  • Live Project Training
  • Certification in SEO
  • Completed 100+ Training Section
  • One Day Free Demo Class
  • 100% Job Oriented Training

Course Duration

  • Total 60 - 75 Hrs Training Classes
  • In Class, You Get In-Depth Practical Knowledge on each SEO Topic
  • Weekdays Classes, Different Time Slots Available
  • Weekend Classes, Flexible Timings
  • Location: Courses are run in our Bangalore and Chennai training centres
  • Can be on-site at client locations (Corporate Training Bangalore or Chennai)

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Award-winning and independently accredited training for professionals & Gain In-Depth Learning on Core Concepts with SEO Course in Chennai. Learn SEO advanced strategies to improve Google, Bing & Yahoo organic rankings with this Advanced SEO Training Course in Chennai, India. Enroll now to become certified SEO Expert in Chennai or Bangalore City!

Beginners Google SEO Training Courses and 1-to-1 Training:

Personal advertising & SEO Training - Improve Your Digital Media Effectiveness With Up-To-Date Knowledge. For those clients who want to independently conduct contextual advertising on their site, I offer training in contextual advertising.

Personal SEO Training Chennai or Bangalore is conducted on weekends in a seminar format with a duration of 3-6 hours (based on your time and circumstances) with a visit to you or by Skype (if necessary, the learning time can be increased). In the course of this seminar, I talk about the aspects of work in contextual advertising systems (Google Update, Google Adwords) and the most frequent mistakes that are allowed not only by beginners but also by experienced SEO specialists. In addition, I give an overview of the possibilities of web analytics in the context of contextual advertising and general comments on the usability of your site. Hands-on SEO Training Courses at our Chennai offices. We don't believe in classroom teaching - we prefer to use live campaigns and practical sessions day - to - day..!!

Improve your SEO skills & performance with our 1 day entry-level SEO Training Course in Chennai or Bangalore. We Will Show How You Can Gain Rank & Traffic From Search Engine optimization SEO.

SEO Courses in Chennai for beginner training to advance level ( SEO Training )search engine optimization. Private and group training for business professionals. Master in Digital Marketing with Practical, in-depth learning, Learn From SEO Experts.

Training Courses: Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Growth, B2B Digital Marketing, CRM.

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About Our SEO Course

SEO Training in Chennai

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Check Below Mentioned Basic SEO Onpage & Offpage Activity:

What Will I Learn?

By the end of our Standard course you’ll be able to:

  • Implement your first SEO campaign for your website
  • Understand how search engines work including key Google algorithm changes
  • Explain the impact of local and personalized search on Google
  • Undertake keyword research and analyse competitor websites
  • Understand SEO considerations for servers and web hosting
  • Understand the fundamentals of onsite SEO and best practice for optimizing page content
  • Recognise the importance of link building and off-site optimization for SEO
  • Use key SEO tools including Google Search Console

Types of Training

SEO Training For Student
SEO Training For Writers and Journalists
SEO Training For Home Workers
SEO Training For Developers
SEO Training For Entrepreneurs
SEO Training For Business Owners
SEO Training For Freelancers
SEO Training For marketing persons
SEO Training for Small business Website
SEO Training for ECommerce website
SEO Training for real estate website
SEO Training for travel and tour website
SEO Training for hotel and resort website
SEO Training for fashion designer website
SEO Training for jewelry designer website
SEO Training for interior designer website
SEO Training for colleges
SEO Training for doctor website
SEO Training for healthcare website
SEO Training for training institute
SEO Training for trainers
SEO Training for Webdesigner
SEO Training for carpet industry
Digital marketing training

Basic Skills

  • Module 1 :  SEO Basics
  • Module 2 :  Keyword Selection
  • Module 3 :  Web page optimization
  • Module 4 :  Link Building
  • Module 5 :  Google Search Console

Advanced Skills

  • Module 6 :  Structuring Websites
  • Module 7 :  Technology Optimization
  • Module 8 :  Google Analytics
  • Module 9 :  Analyzing Competitor Websites
  • Module 10 :  SEO Project Management

SEO Course Syllabus

Module 1: SEO Basics

Learn the basics of Search Engine optimization.

  • Why I want to learn SEO
  • SEO job future
  • SEO advantages
  • Spidering, indexing
  • Ranking Factors
  • keywords analysis
  • Selecting Keywords
  • Website Structuring
  • optimizing Webpages
  • Social Media updates
  • technical optimization
  • Avoiding Black-Hat SEO
  • basic Competitor analysis
  • Reporting Competitor Spam
Module 2: Keyword Selection

Learn how to collect, analyze and organize keyword research data.

  • Discovering High-Value Keywords
  • Forecasting Prospective Traffic
  • Analysing Competitor Websites
  • Using Long Tail keywords
  • Compiling a Keyword Dictionary
  • Finding Business Related Keywords
Module 3: Page optimization

Learn how to optimize important on-page ranking factors.

  • optimizing URL Names
  • optimizing Page Title Tags
  • optimizing Meta Description Tags
  • optimizing Heading Tags
  • optimizing Paragraph Tags
  • optimizing Link Anchor Text
  • optimizing Bullet Points
  • optimizing Image Names
  • optimizing Image Captions
  • optimizing Alt Attributes
  • optimizing Title Attributes
  • When to Use Meta Keyword Tags
  • Handling Duplicate Content
  • Writing Search Engine Friendly Content
  • Avoiding Content Violations and Penalisation
Module 5: Google Search Console

Learn how to set-up and use the Google Search Console.

  • Setting-up the Google Search Console
  • Setting-up a Robots.Txt File
  • Setting-up an XML Sitemap
  • Using the Google Search Console
Module 6: Structuring Websites

Learn how to structure your website for local, national and international searches.

  • Planning with a Graphical Sitemaps
  • Defining Search Engine Friendly Links
  • Structuring Websites for Local Search
  • Structuring Proper Content
  • Structuring h1,h2,h3 tags
  • Structuring Websites for National Search
  • Structuring Websites for International Search
  • Structuring Websites for Product Searches
  • Structuring Websites for Service Searches
  • Deploying Common Structural Tools
  • Removing unwanted codes from Backend
  • Structuring Your Blog
  • Running Special Campaigns
  • Maintaining PageRank with 301 Redirects
Module 7: Technology optimization

Learn how to test your website infrastructure and what to do if there are problems.

  • Running Mobile Friendly Tests
  • Running Page Speed Tests
  • Testing SSL Certificates
  • Monitoring Server Performance
  • Selecting High Performance Servers
  • Choosing the Best Domain
Module 8: Google Analytics
  • Monitoring website login Times
  • Monitoring Bounce Rates
  • Monitoring User Engagement
  • Monitoring location based views
  • Testing Usability with Google Experiments
  • Testing Mobile Usability with Google Chrome

SEO Certification

SEO course completion certificate indicates you have enough knowledge and skills to achieve the search engine results. Also, Potential clients will feel safe knowing that you approve from recognized industry organization.

SEO Training in Chennai SEO Training in Chennai
SEO Training in Chennai SEO Training in Chennai
SEO Training in Chennai SEO Training in Chennai